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My research centers on the potentials from new business creation in established and new technology-based companies. My particular interest is on how the network relationships of a technology-based venture affect the rate, direction and success of technology development activities. During the past years, I have been involved in research projects focusing on how large corporations manage their unutilized intellectual property. I n this context, it is important to note that technologies defined as non-core or of lesser importance by the parent corporation may serve as a basis for successful new business creation if managed in a more nurturing context, such as spin-off firms, or joint ventures.

A separate research project is investigating conflict management strategies used by venture capital firms and entrepreneurs. We are interested in how the different institutional environments select and shape the responses of venture capitalists to unmet expectations. This project includes an analysis of the legal as well as psychological contracts between the venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Our conclusions present similarities and differences in the use and interpretation of conflict management practices against a backdrop of differing regulatory, cognitive and normative factors. A related research project focuses on how knowledge creation, sharing, and assimilation may be promoted in R&D alliances in the global telecommunications industry.

Several fascinating avenues for future research have emerged from the research projects described above. Most importantly, I am becoming more and more interested in the role of luck and chance in corporate management in general and innovation management in particular. I believe that the current management literature emphasizing the overly rational nature of organizations and individuals fails to capture some important aspects of real-life phenomena. Also the role of cross-cultural issues in management is a topic I wish to work with in the future.

Outside the office, I enjoy reading, watching movies, cooking and spending time with friends. Swimming and long walks are also my favorite pastime activities.


Right now I'm working as an assistant professor at Institute of Strategy and International Business at the Helsinki University of Technology. I teach technology and innovation management and strategy at the graduate level. In addition, I have been involved in teaching doctoral students at the Industrial Ph.D. program of the Helsinki University of Technology. Besides teaching and research assignments, I have been the acting head of Institute of Strategy and International Business during the academic year 2002 - 2003. I received my Ph.D. from Helsinki University of Technology, my doctoral dissertation focusing on new business creation through spin-off arrangements in 1999.

For the academic year from 2001 to 2002, I was a visiting professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a visiting scholar at the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania. At RPI, I taught international business and new business creation. In 2000, I visited Chalmers University of Technology, Institute for Industrial Dynamics.

I initiated and worked for the Non-Core Tech (Management of Non-Core Technologies in Large Corporations) project funded by TEKES, the National Technology Agency, the Foundation of Finnish Inventions, the Fortum Corporation and Danisco Finland. In addition, I'm currently involved in the EconChange project, a joint European Union research initiative, focusing on the micro-foundations of economic and organizational change in Europe.


I may be contacted via e-mail to annaleenaparhankangas@systemicbusiness.org .


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