Systemic Business Community

A salon discussing research into systemics and business

As described on the program for ISSS Sonoma 2006, there will be three 120-minute sessions for the Special Integration Group on Systems Applications in Business and Industry:

These sessions are in Schulz 1121 , which is not with the other Salazar meeting rooms, but just inside the door of the library.

As described in the Sonoma 2006 Calls for Papers, online discussion is encouraged in advance of the conference (and possibly even after the conference has long since passed).

The papers are clustered in groups, and in a specific order with reason. We’re looking to build knowledge on knowledge. Since the papers are now readily accessible on the Internet, they can be read individually at any time. Those attending the meeting will have an opportunity to go beyond that content, and develop ideas across papers. For more content, read about …

Audio recordings and/or digests of the conversation may be available at a later date, as time permits.

June 25th, 2006

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