What's So New About the New Economy? -- Brian Silverman -- Rotman School -- Lifelong Learning, June 7, 2002, 11:20 a.m.

What's So New about the New Economy? Waves of Innovation and Their Effect on Strategy, Organization and Competitive Advantage

Brian Silverman, Rotman School

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Introduction by Sridhar Moorthy

3 apologies:

Transaction costs: costs of exchange, frictions in the marketplace

Transaction costs can influence other ways

Never quite persuaded by irrational exuberance, nor pessimism.

Idea was: new opportunities, "blown to bits", old rules don't work anymore.

Then dot-com bust

Silverman view: The new economy isn't new

Roadmap for today:

Kondratieff, 250 years of history

Schumpeter: named as the most radical economist of the century.

Silverman view:

Beating the dead horse slide

Comment: What about the crash of 1929?


Railroads 1790 - 1840

Railroads: Innovations of steam-powered locomotives, robust rails and telegraphs (to tell you a train is coming, stop!)

From book: Eugene White, Crises and panics (1990)

Look at a different part of railroads

Chandler: railroad moves more products, but users also get benefits.

Impact on transaction costs?

Comment: Economies of speed?

Silverman story:


Comment: need an major investment in infrastructure in waves, or will they create dividends that have to wait for? Do we need to invest, and then invest again?

Comment: Transaction costs, and the number of transactions, as the costs go down and the network increases.

Comment: Technology and price/benefits?

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Implications for managers:

Implications for business schools

Good news: fall of the dot-coms is not the fall of the new economy


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