Why the New Forces of Transparency Will Permanently Change the Way You Run Your Organization -- Don Tapscott -- Rotman School -- Lifelong Learning, June 7, 2002, 1:45 p.m.

Why the New Forces of Transparency Will Permanently Change the Way You Run Your Organization

Don Tapscott

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Band: Men in Suits

Drucker, Forbes:

Will be sharing proprietary research, given permission to share high-level findings.

Harold Innis: Teacher of Marshall McLuhan

As information and knowledge becomes more available, it has a huge impact on institutions.

This changes many things

Drivers of transparency:

Driver 1. Technology: communication, accessibility, immediacy

Driver 2. Economy:

Driver 3: Society

Demographic revolution:

Transparency: don't mean GAAP, or reporting.

Five dimensions:

1. Firm:

2. Business web

3. Consumers

4. Market

5. Society, public:

To create transparency

1. at the firm level

2. at the B-web level

3. at the customer level

4. Market transparency

5. At the level of the public

Corporate Knights, in Globe & Mail this week

Roger Martin: the unintended consequences of being good.

How can you tell investments in being good pay off?

Relationship capital as a new form of wealth -- a new type of intangible asset.

Will compete in a transparent world

Want a better term for a values-based company

Best so far: the new color of business

Investment profiles

Rationale for investment Competitive Spin Doctor Blue Corporation
Contextual Bystander Team Player
Compliance Law Abider Good Citizen
  Low High
Citizenship Investments

What does a transparency company look like?


Will cause a crisis of leadership


What is the role of government? Are governments more spin doctors than corporations?

How much information to provide, in government?

Executive compensation versus employees?

Impact on corporate governance? If trying to set up a board, what changes, or what kind of people should you be looking it?


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