CCMF Centre for Integrative Thinking Mission and Goals, Mihnea Moldoveanu, Rotman School -- June 20, 2002

Thursday, June 20, 2002, 5:00 p.m., at the Rotman School of Management, U. of Toronto

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Mihnea Moldoveanu, Inaugural Director, CCMF Centre for Integrative Thinking, Rotman School of Management

Students' perspective:

Professor's perspectives

Cross-disciplinary successes are rare

Job market -- unclear wants

Comment: Proof that integrative thinking makes better managers, any more than singing makes them better? Empirical work?

Comment: Personal experience counter to this view. 20 years since engineering degree, and five years since MBA degree. Recognize strengths and other people's strengths, so that can create high-performance teams.

Comment: Life cycle on MBAs?

Comment: The world has a lot of problems, but the functional silo thinking that got us here isn't going to get us out. Raping the common, not being socially responsible, taking advantage of less-educated, not global (except for riches), not thinking sustainable. Where there are contradictions, need to step back.

Comment. From an arts and science background, like this view. What about students that come from arts and science backgrounds, instead of engineering programs? Does the Rotman School have to start tabula rasa? What happens at the undergraduate level? Is it possible that business schools undermine integrative thinking from the undergraduate level?

Comment: Arts background, struggled amongst engineering. MIT Ph.D. engineering teaching organization behaviour, excellent. Strategy is where you're supposed to integrated?

Exportability of understanding.

Comment: Undergrad courses teach integrative thinking. Course requirements.

Comment: Now 15 of 20 courses in a major, and people focus in a discipline that they're good at, so that they can get to grad school.

Comment: Never a spotlight on integrating things, it's a race to the finish line when studying. Maybe 20% of the people get it.

Comment: Assessment to measurements.

Comment: Need to ask self, what guarantee that your silo will exist in 5 years? Can you adapt?

Comment: e.g. Canadian Armed Forces, were thinking land, sea and ski, and this never actually thought about all three.

Comment: "Business Thinking", forward by Steven Covey. Bad thinking, versus lack of thinking?

Comment: A prediction towards "can they run a division"? Have been hiring and firing MBAs for 10 years (and don't have one). If could find a way of training people so that it is predictive, and responsible for the products of another group, then the world looks bright.

Comment: Do culture difference affect this?

Comment: Does integrative thinking need to be taught, or just unhindered?

Will close here.

Comment: Since you just wrote a book on Master Passions.


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