"Retaining the New Generation in Your Organization -- What's Next for Talent Management", Maria Rotundo-- Rotman School -- Lifelong Learning, May 30, 2003, 10:00 a.m.

Maria Rotundo, Assistant Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour, Rotman School of Management, U. of Toronto

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Issue of retaining talent

Literature from Conference Board, Human Resources Development Canada, Association of Colleges and Universities

Anticipated talent shortage:  what are the signs?

Do we have the bodies to replace them?

Proportion of graduates in science and technology not increasing

Employment rate of 5.5%, and by 2010 expecting full employment

Brain drain:  some evidence in certain occupations, education and health care

Canada is doing a great job of education, but doesn't do anything to help when they leave

Hope?  A talented workforce to replace

Positive signs on the Canadian way, quality of life

Aren't dealing with future talent shortage

Four practices: 


Training and development:

Performance appraisal

[Comment:  what about people you hired 10 for 15 years ago, in an environment of mergers and takeover, now have people who are high performers, but are counterproductive?]

[Comment:  another dimension of adaptability?  We can't classify someone as counterproductive, but some people are not keeping up]

Managers are sometimes cautious giving extreme scores:  on a 1 to 5 scale, noone gets a 1 or a 5

[Question: dealing with contract workers?]

Rewards and benefits

Interdependence between the parts is important


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