"Convergence - How to Compete and Win", March 15, 2004

Business & Technology Panel Discussion, sponsored by Business Technology Group, Rotman School of Management, March 4, 2004, 6 p.m.

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[Ajay Agrawal, Professor of Strategic Management]

Business Technology Group is the student group that put together the panel.

Panel diverse: 

8-minute presentation by each of panelists, then Q&A.

[Alister Mitchell, Moontaxi]

The 9 lives of music commerce:


[Don Morrison, Research in Motion]

A graduate of Rotman.

Some insights into the Blackberry, and some challenges

3 ways you know you're in a convergent industry:

Converged:  software, terminal business

Where have new technologies, a mass market should suffice.

[Charles Solomon, Bell]

Bell: longstanding products and services, embedded regulation for 140 years.

15 years fast forward

Customers and investors also changing

Bell offers:

People cutting back on land lines

Competitive free-for-all

Have done telerobotic surgery

Voice over IP:  today over 12% of international traffic

[Michael Raynor]

Two elements of strategy making in convergence spaces:

Innovation isn't about technology

Sustaining innovation and disruptive innovation:

If you take advantage of sustaining innovations, will be moving heaven and earth on technological issues, to serve customers.

Disruptive technology gives you an advantage today, but then long-term riches.

Strategy is about which hard problem you want to solve

Uncertainty:  given choice on which problems to solve, need to make almost irrevisible commitments

Recent advances:


Question:  "IT doesn't matter" article in HBR.  How to overcome this argument.

What technologies are converging, that we haven't seen in a public forum

Question:  Is 99 cents the price that people will pay?  Elasticity of demand on music?  Importance of hardware being matched.

Question:  open or closed standards?  Don't see open cellular telephone standards.  Instant Messaging.  Gaming platforms are proprietary.

Question:  Listening to customers, but to what extend to we lead customers?

Question:  The most important thing to win in convergent markets?

Question:  WiFi technology?

Question:  How do convergent technologies impact?  e.g. RIM and Nokia.

Questions:  Open standards, versus DRM.  Software piracy?  Will DRM be the meter?

Questions:  employees, and engaging their hearts and minds.

Question:  Blackberry not into games, whereas Palm does

Question:  Puretracks.com, 99 cents profitable?  Harder to find older selection, is it possible to request?

Question:  How do you bill for all of this?  Keeping up with new product needs.

Moderator:  favourite sound bites


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