The Systemic View of the World -- Anatol Rapoport

World Congress of the Systems Sciences,  at Toronto, July 16-19, 2000 

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Anatol Rapoport, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto.

When he was a freshmen, Rapoport's physics professor.

The last of the four founders of SGSR

von Bertalanffy:  Equifinality

Ralph Gerard:

Boulding:  9 levels of systems

Levels of systems

Integration by generalization inspired by the integral sign.

Integration of society

Two opposite processes:

Observe the same dichotomy in the meaning of globalization:

Free movement of capital driven by interests of corporation

Conclusion:  insight from Boulding

Later, Boulding replaced love by integration, to make it more acceptable in academic discourse


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