Making Sense of Organizational Change Allowing Order to Emerge from Paradoxical Tensions -- Asaf Zohar, July 9, 2003

47th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS), Hersonissos, Crete, July 9, 2002.

July 9, 2003, 5:30 p.m., Special Integration Group on Organizational Transformation and Social Change

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Came here to hear stories.

Non-profit organization: top-down, want greater efficiency

Start with force field analysis:  what is driving change, and what is holding back change?

Two columns, forces for change, and forces against change

Want to find some way to increase those for change, and reduce those against change.

What worked?

Can't play just one side of the equation.

Internal resistance for change was not a bad thing:  needed to preserve identity.

Need to create a context to drive change.

Question:  On paradoxes?

Question:  From here to precise questions or actions?

Question:  Psychoanalysis of the institition?

Question:  Elements and processes of deep structures?


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