Salon on Architectural Theory and Business Patterns -- Allendale, NJ -- June 11, 2002

Attendees: Marianne Kosits, David Hawk, Minna Takala, Ian Simmonds, David Ing

These participant's notes were created in real-time during the meeting. These should not be viewed as official transcripts of the meeting, but only as an interpretation by a single individual. Lapses, grammatical errors, and typing mistakes may not have been corrected. Questions about content should be directed to the originator. These notes have been contributed by David Ing ( at the IBM Advanced Business Institute ( ).

HVAC: cold air returns too close to the vent

Corbusier on modularity -- Radiant City

Christopher Alexander hasn't written anything about HVAC.

Lighting is aesthetic

Frank Lloyd Wright -- in the nature of materials -- horrible

Postulates of a good building (from David Hawk):

Types -- architects organize themselves around types

Similar idea -- zoning of cities

Susanne Langer, 1941, Philosophy in a New Key -- distinction between signs and symbols in communications theory for Bell Labs

Types become an accounting system.

Japan has 10 times as many architects as the U.S., and they do good things -- focused on technical systems

9 rules for managing innovation people -- Hawk, in Design Handbook, Blackwell Reference

Cal Pava: advisor to Bill Gates

Richard Florida

Dostoyevsky-- creative class doesn't make trouble -- the Idiot.

Bertrand Gross -- the U.S. isn't a republic or a democracy, but a friendly fascism

Greek -- people without external governance, individual responsibility and self-management

Republic -- only a few people governing

In the French revolution, used anarachism to overthrow royalty

Kropotkin -- The Anarchist Prince, brings the concept of anarchism back.

David Hawk's dissertation at Wharton

Ackoff (from Trist): two choices

Profound ideas in governance?

Discussion on Patterns

Potential journal article -- JFK Terminal 4, without a crisis?

Prisoner's dilemma -- David Hawk has an approach, so that it's never a good idea to screw the other person.


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