"Changelessness, and Other Impediments to Systems Performance"


David L. Hawk


In the paper is a concern for the decreasing capability of humans to appreciate that which they have an increasing ability to manipulate. Articulated in a 1970s U of Penn systems sciences dissertation, this was ascribed to a seriously limited capacity for context appreciation. This was proposed as a consequence of an historic emphasis on reductionistic ideas and analytical thoughts, not holistic ideals and systemic thinking. This was similar to the notion that humans become adept at achieving short-term results, but not at managing their longer-term consequences.

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David Hawk, "Changelessness, and Other Impediments to Systems Performance", Proceedings of the Conference to Celebrate Russell L. Ackoff, and the Advent of Systems Thinking, at Villanova University, May 4-6, 1999, pp. 59-73.

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