Systemic Business

A community with an interest in a systemic approach to business

About the Founders

The website for the Systemic Business Community was jointly founded (in reverse alphabetical order, for a change!) by ...

Minna Takala,

Ian Simmonds,

David Ing, and

David Hawk

The online community is an ongoing experiment in maintaining community at a distance, through web-based technology. Although there may be the rare occasion that we will all get together, face-to-face, it is more probable that we'll meet via telephone conference calls, possibly supplemented by instant messaging and/or web-based whiteboarding.

The primary purpose of these dialogues is mutual learning. In other venues, we each have roles as teachers, but in this forum, our interests are more as learners. We welcome individuals interested in learning through open discussions (and may become coaches or guides to assist in others' learning).


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