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Digests -- Salons

Periodically, the System Business Community meets in a format we call a "salon". These are free-flowing discussions, where we're all peers, and share out learnings and frustrations. We typically discuss books and articles that we've been reading, ideas that we're working and trying out, and areas where we're "stuck", and could use some different viewpoints and advice.

Although these meetings run from 3 to 8 hours long, the digests from these meetings are relatively brief, because the emphasis is the exchange of ideas, rather than the capture of accounts. When we get the ideas right, you should see them as publications!

In this light, the digests for salons are below. The topics of the discussion are emergent, and therefore the titles have been created after-the-fact.

Date Location Content Attendees
June 11, 2002 Allendale, NJ Salon on Architectural Theory and Business Patterns
[click here for a digest by David Ing]
Marianne Kosits, David Hawk, Minna Takala, Ian Simmonds, David Ing


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